The Arcade Talks: fans shaping the gaming industry
20 Feb

The Arcade Talks: fans shaping the gaming industry

Hosted by: The Arcade Hotel

  • The Arcade Hotel, Sarphatipark, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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  • 19:00 - 21:00 - Wednesday

    Start - February 20, 2019
    End - February 20, 2019

Ever wondered how the gaming industry works from the inside? Want to know about everything that goes into publishing a video game? The gaming industry is all fun and games but it isn´t (but it is (but it isn´t)) and there´s so much to learn about it! Together with some of the leading experts, The Arcade Hotel brings you a series of talks where you will get the chance to listen, ask questions and of course, game!. On February 20th we will host Aris Emmanouloudis from The University of Amsterdam. Aris is a media studies expert and doctoral researcher focusing on video game communities. He has written on topics like video game fandom, television storytelling and audience participation, and online news media. Here´s what he has to say about his talk: "Have you ever wondered how video game fans can leave their mark on the industry? Do companies really listen to their fans? From the Sims and Minecraft to World of Warcraft and Fortnite, video game fans are constantly producing their own content both in and out of the game world, and quite often they get noticed for it. So, what drives this new development, and perhaps more interesting for the fans out there; is there a way for you to start shaping your own fandom? And what could be the possible concerns and ‘traps’ about it?".

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