General Questions

Find Geek Spots is a website that strives to be a hub for every Geek Spot on the planet Earth, our solar system and beyond! On the website, you can scroll, search, review and save cool geek spots.

for Geek Spot owners we offer a website specific for geeks, gamers and pop culture lovers to be found by their target group.

Think about comic book shops, video game hotels, e-sports bar, game shops, board game cafes, community places where the focus is on games/geek or pop culture, VR experiences, special film locations like; Game of Thrones, the Avengers, Daredevil, Spiderman’s house and more. We manually review qualified geek spots to add to the database.

The overall use of the website is always free, but for Geek Spot companies who would like to advertise and create more exposure, we offer different packages. Our Pricing plan page shows you what to expect in each package.

Geeks, gamers, pop culture lovers, travelers, and adventure seekers. Everybody who likes to explore the world and seeking other types of spots to hang out and connect with friends.

Thanks, buddy for looking out we would love to add your Geek Spot to the database. Please send us an email geek@findgeekspots.com and we will review your listing. You will receive an email if we added your wishlist to our website.

We will only use this information for our own statistics. We would like to get to know our community better to make the website better. We will not sell your information to any other company. WE PROMISE. Read our Privacy Policy.

YES, we will. Currently, the focus is on the Benelux, but meanwhile we are adding international geek spots to our database. Our goal is to have all the geek spots in the universe and beyond!

Awesome that you are organizing an event, send us an email with the following information; date ( begin and end), time, header photo, ticket link, and some information about the event in English( max 300 words). When we receive your email we will add it to the page.

Geek Spots

It’s possible that your geek spot is already in our database, the only thing you have to do is click the “CLAIM NOW’ button on the geek spot profile and enter the requested information and we will contact you to connect that specific geek spot to your account.

Send us an email and we make sure to start an investigation in this case.

Yes, there is. In your Dashboard, you find an overview of every user that have reviewed on your profile.

The crew of Find Geek Spots are geeks them selfs and we manually do our research looking for the right geek spot to add to our database.

It would be sad to see you go, but you can send us an geek@findgeekspots.com and we make sure to remove your company from the website.


That is no problem, you can send an email to; geek@findgeekspots.com. First, we will review your product if it fits and connects with our community and then both parties will discuss the possibilities.

In your Dashboard, you will find a header with the name ‘AD CAMPAIGN’ and here you will be guided into setting up the right advertisement on Find Geek Spots.

You can find the dashboard if you create a profile on the website. Go to www.findgeekspots.com, on the right of your screen you see this icon, click on it and your progress to greatness will await you.